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Mar 15, 2017 | 1:00am – 1:40am

credit: Jonas Fogh

Away From Me

Chinah’s travels began with the release of their track “Away From Me” a year ago. Chinah is singer Fine Glindvad and the two musicians and producers Simon Kjær (guitar) and Simon Andersson (piano). All three have a different musical background ranging from folk to electronica to classic. Chinah combines electro pop with elegant r’n’b sound. Fine is an extraordinary singer who also writes Chinah’s songs. Their music has been described as “thoughtful gourmet pop” – a very good description for the minimalistic Copenhagen-based electro pop.

Primary Entry: Music Badge, Platinum Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Festival Wristband, Artist Wristband, Film Badge, Interactive Badge
From: Copenhagen, DENMARK
Genre: R & b
Event Type: Showcase