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The Secret Sisters

Mar 17, 2017

9:00pm – 9:40pm CT

Cooper's BBQ

About a 20-minute drive is all that separated The Secret Sisters from being born in historic Muscle Shoals,

Alabama, though its sheer proximity to their hometown of Happy Valley practically foretold that Laura and

Lydia Rogers were destined for lives as recording and performing artists.

Growing up surrounded by the sounds of the South and the powerful timeless music emanating from Muscle

Shoals, The Secret Sisters were heavily influenced by a range of uniquely American musical styles,

including country, bluegrass and gospel, as well as classic rock and pop. They were raised listening to

everything from George Jones and Loretta Lynn, to The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, The Ramones, Fiona

Apple and Rufus Wainwright.

Their debut album was soon lauded by critics and adored by their rapidly growing legion of fans. The stage

was set for the sisters to advance as artists and further establish themselves as songwriters, which they

proved to do on their sophomore album, Put Your N ee dle Down, an eclectic mix of musical styles and

sounds rooted in storytelling. Luckily the duo had a powerhouse producer, T Bone Burnett, to help them on

their first two albums. “We became friends with T Bone early on in our career and he was a wonderful

guide,” said Lydia. The Secret Sisters are always careful about how they want their music to sound. “I think

that recording live is the best way that you can record an album because it really captures a band’s ability to

glue themselves to one another and create something beautiful.” She adds, “There is something beautiful

and honest about not being perfect.”

For their third studio album, the Secret Sisters worked with long-time friend, mentor, and hero Brandi Carlile.

With Brandi as well as Phil and Tim Hanseroth at the helm, the sisters have spent the majority of 2016

recording in Seattle. It is expected to release in spring 2017.

There is still an aura of mystery that surrounds The Secret Sisters, and they certainly like to keep their fans

wondering where they’ll head next on their musical journey. But with Laura and Lydia, one thing is for

certain: integrity and honesty will guide every note.

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