Samantha Glass

Mar 16, 2017

11:10pm – 11:50pm CT

Hotel Vegas
Engraved Visions

"Refracting post-punk sensibilities through an abstract lens, Madison, Wisconsin’s Samantha Glass makes a haunting and immersive Holodeck debut with Preparation for a Spot in the World. Glass, AKA Beau Devereaux, wistfully mediates his own inner strife and anxiety through a host of vintage electronics, field recordings and deep, expressive vocals. Carefully sequenced tracks build on each other and make each diverse song thematically cohesive within the album. Using a dense variety of sound sources processed through echo-driven effects, Devereaux submerges the listener into ominous vignettes that one can only assume to be windows into Glass’ own beautifully bleak mind.

Samantha Glass fills the void for listeners that feel the need to penetrate beyond the bonds of the traditional and embrace a wider range of outsider art." - Holodeck Records

"For how obscured and sullen his persona(s) may get, Beau Devereaux manages to make some of the most moving and melodically complex music being released today. The Madison, WI-based musician has mostly worked under a number of aliases (including Roan Linden, Victor Portsmouth, Anvil Dome) and curates his Golden Cloud Tapes imprint to peddle vibrantly bleak sets of dented and rustic music for synthesizers. The sounds run the gamut from rhythmic noise and clattered, tattered industrial to oddly kosmische goth. But no matter how seemingly desolate things get, there remains a curious charm and inviting melody to each piece. Dorval (Crystal Dorval, aka White Poppy) & Devereaux’s debut collaboration in 2014 on Moon Glyph played like a dream — part unknown, part familiar, all impossibly incredible. But Samantha Glass continues as Devereaux’s flagship project, and one that continues to find additional stages of eerie beauty with each new release." - Bobby Power / Decoder Magazine

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Madison, WI