Presented by Nerdcore


Mar 18, 2017

11:20pm – 11:45pm CT

Karma Lounge
hacker music

YTCracker (pronounced "whitey cracker") is a formerly notorious computer hacker who stopped hacking everyone's gibson and started rapping about it instead. Recognized as a forefather of the "nerdcore" genre, he has travelled all around the universe amassing billions of fans, the majority of which do not live on planet earth.

YTCracker raps about all of the important things in life, like high frame rate and low latency pings. He has served as a corporate shill for the likes of G4TV (rip), Facebook, and Yahoo, appearing on every major television network and countless publications talking about nerdy things like Bitcoin or DDoS attacks - all while trying to push his terrible music on casuals and NPCs everywhere.

Along with making substandard hiphop, YTCracker also subsists his musical existence through mediocre production and DJing to gigantic crowds, primarily on the anime and internet nerd convention circuit.

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Colorado Springs, CO