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Mar 18, 2017

7:00pm – 7:40pm CT

BD Riley's

In 1992 Curtis AKA " Curt Low" started out with an idea to create a sound that would live for ever. COMPLETE was formed, Curtis aka "Curt Low", Mark, Peter aka "Creecher" and Todd aka "T-Dogg" The stage was set to try to make History and bar owner's would see us playing some where and we were own our way so we thought. In 1995 we were set to play and have our show filmed and showed on local cable TV and MTV .We sound checked and the promoter refused to let us play. After a one and half year court battle we won the right to have what was promised and in 1997 we filmed the show,. The next day the band BROKE UP.. In 2008 I was playing in a band and people packed the place, thought to my self they like our sound and when the band stopped playing people rushed the stage and asked are you CURTIS from COMPLETE and I was blown away. I ask every one standing there give me 20 min. and I will meet you out side. I walked toward the crowd of people about 600 or so I asked WHO IS THE OLDEST HERE? The oldest one said I am 16 and I said HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT COMPLETE they said in one voice YOU ARE FAMOUS WORLD WIDE. Signed my name so many times my wrist hurt, but signed something for everyone who asked and went home and my wife said, " I WILL FIND OUT WHAT THEY MENT,. Was Laying in the bath tub enjoying the hot water remembering what just happened and my wife,son and daughter were LAUGHING UNCONTROLABLY so bad and my wife came in to the bath room and said you and COMPLETE are WORLD WIDE and I WAS IN SHOCK !!! In 2008 I put COMPLETE back together with only Curt Low and Creecher along with a new drummer and started playing show's. As well as being liked we are hated the same .In 2009 we played SXSW at Scoot Inn and packed over 1,700 plus people into a 972 person venue and after the show I looked in front of stage and the Fire Marshal said he needed my ID and i said YOUR NOT GOING TO GIVE ME A TICKET!!! So i showed him where the owner was at. Got to met the man who started SXSW and have been HONORED to call him a friend to COMPLETE and all our fan's World Wide. Matt told Curt Low that COMPLETE had beat PANTERA's number's our first show there. That is an Honor, because Dime Back is the one who got me to start COMPLETE. Played for 7 straight years and skiped the last year to work on a new album. COMPLETE had to part ways with CREECHER, because of health and personal reasons. In 2010 Complete's oldest fan which is 92 years old sent COMPLETE a video message saying you should call your fan's the COMPLETE NATION, because weather they are in a band or not, everyone from young to old loves your music, so COMPLETE NATION is how we address our fan;s.With Curt low on Lead Guitar, Ryan Brady on Bass and Genesis (aka) Thumper on Drum's COMPLETE from the start and even today it is all about the MUSIC AND BEING REAL !!! Have to always be great full for DIME BACK !!! He to will never be forgotten ever !!! Now we start STOP THE HATE !!! With the line up that has formed as a group, everyone came from really Great bands. Each one members looked a life time to find one another and only by Faith did that very thing happen. With Curt being the last founding member left, but he does it with the go ahead from the ones that gave COMPLETE a place in the music World and for that I am great full. Curt, Ryan and Genesis in barks on the next step of the bands future, but never for getting where COMPLETE has came from. Now we bring the Thunder From Down Under !!!

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