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Money Chicha

Mar 14, 2017

11:10pm – 11:50pm CT

Maggie Mae's

Money Chicha is an Austin, Texas based group featuring members of the Grammy-award winning Latin orchestra Grupo Fantasma and its offshoot funk outfit Brownout which performs a fuzzed-out, reverb-drenched and percussion-heavy style of music inspired by the sounds of Peru and Colombia in the 60’s and 70’s. This style of music, sometimes called “Chicha” music, is known for its infectious Latin beat, its psychedelic, surf guitar pyrotechnics and its melodies influenced by the indigenous culture of the Andes mountains.

The group’s sound is derived from the exhilarating syncopations of congas, cowbell and timbales, the gritty tones of combo organs and vintage synthesizers, effects-laden guitar melodies, insistent basslines and a healthy dose of trippy, psychedelic effects. Money Chicha is a modern translation of this South American musical style interpreted by highly skilled veterans of America’s most vibrant music town. In their capable hands the “Chicha” genre takes on a new and unique character, guaranteed to move one to both dance and listen, entranced by the undeniable rhythms and virtuosic displays of musicality.

Money Chicha’s debut album “Echo en Mexico” was released in July 2016 on Vampisoul/Munster records (Spain) and received overwhelming praise from critics and tastemakers in North/South America and Europe as well. The band’s music has also been featured on numerous compilations including “The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Cumbia” and “Songlines Compilations disk Fall 2016” and has been featured on British Airways Songlines radio playlists. The group has performed at Mapquest music festival, SXSW, and Pachanga Festival in Texas and is scheduled to perform at Tropico Festival in Acapulco, MX in December 2016.

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