Midnight Shorts

Mar 16, 2017

9:00pm – 10:40pm CT

A mom, a judge, and a firefighter each battle sexism in this animated music video created by Winona Regan. Each woman is a boss bitch in her own way, twerking and shooting lasers as they take on the patriarchy to a rap by PTAF.

The importance of dicks and their influence on the development of human civilization.

3am. 1980's Hongjing. In an aging private hospital, a resolute female surgeon is forced to break her physician's oath when violent gangsters storm in to stop a crucial operation.

We take a poor human person, like you, and treat them like a pawn in our game. Watch as neuroscientist, Wallace L. Graybill, attempts to receive money coins from grants for his important research. It will be candy for your tum tum.

I made this film especially for you. I needed to check in with you. I needed to tell you how I feel.

"The time has come," the Walrus said. And all the little Oysters stood and waited in a row.

Kenny and Ray discuss their feelings about girls as they walk home after school. A fight begins when one calls the other out on lying about sexual experience, and a strange opportunity presents itself.

Bree, an imaginative but dishonest child, struggles to connect with her aloof mother Kelly who is fed up with Bree's relentless lying, Kelly decides to use fear to teach her daughter a lesson after discovering that Bree has been stealing cookies and blatantly lying about it. Kelly replaces the cookie jar with a terrifying jar sculpted as a sinister clown's head. After Bree blatantly defies her mother's orders to never steal cookies from it, Bree receives a terrifying visit

In this horrific short, Sid, the classic idea of the popular jock, is put-off by the attention he receives from Ben, an outcast obsessed with Sid's status as Mister Popular. When Sid takes drastic measures, his own shot at being Mister Popular makes for a twisted finish.

Vanessa and Danny are down on their luck, so when an unlikely can of Unica brand beans falls to their kitchen floor, they aim to squeeze out every penny.

Painful events become memories over time. Still, we vomit and eat again. Life is Eco.

A man with a robust vocabulary must write a scornful letter to an old friend.

A neighboring pair of tag team wrestlers learn the downsides of life without a landlord.

When Natalie learns that Elliott is ticklish, things get bad. And then they get worse.

"Whiskey Fist" is a short film that uses absurd and vulgar comedy to probe the sensitive social sphincter holding back a much-needed dialogue on the obstacles to empathy between genders. It's set in the world of "branding", where our protagonist, Justin, is an intern. Young Justin seems in certain danger of assimilating into the misogyny of his environment and becoming a douchebag. But one night a mysterious blonde impregnates him with a bottle of high-end whiskey -- magical realism ensues.

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