May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers

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May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers

credit: Jonathan Furmanski

A portrait of the acclaimed band, the Avett Brothers, as they create their hit album 'True Sadness.'
Filmed with extraordinary access over the course of more than two years, the film charts the band's decade-and-a-half rise while chronicling their present-day collaboration with famed producer Rick Rubin.

With the recording process as a backdrop, the film intimately depicts a lifelong bond and unique creative partnership, as the band -- fronted by brothers Scott and Seth Avett -- weathers marriage, divorce, parenthood, illness, and the challenges of the music business.

More than just a music documentary, "May It Last" is a meditation on family, love, and the passage of time.

Year:  2017
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Genre:  Documentary, Music
Screening Section: 24 Beats Per Second
Screening Category: Documentary Feature
Country: United States
Runtime: 107 mins

Judd Apatow, Michael Bonfiglio

Director Bio

Judd Apatow's films include "This is 40," "Trainwreck," "Knocked Up," and "The 40-Year Old Virgin," among many others. Michael Bonfiglio is the director of "You Don't Know Bo: The Legend of Bo Jackson," among other documentaries. This is the pair's second directorial collaboration, following their acclaimed ESPN 30 for 30 film "Doc & Darryl."



Director:  Judd Apatow, Michael Bonfiglio
Executive Producer:  Judd Apatow, Michael Bonfiglio, Jon Kamen, Dave O'Connor, Justin Wilkes
Producer:  Judd Apatow, Michael Bonfiglio
Cinematographer: Jonathan Furmanski
Editor: Paul Little
Principal Cast: Scott Avett, Seth Avett, Bob Crawford, Joe Kwon, Paul Defiglia, Mike Marsh, Tania Elizabeth, Rick Rubin
Additional Credits: Sound Recordist: Brad Bergbom, Additional Camera: Michael RIchard Martin


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Michael Bonfiglio
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212-462-1628 (o) 917-297-7687 (c)

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