credit: Manuela Montoya Zuluaga

Feralucia - Polly

Feralucia is an independent Colombian musician, active since 2012, who recently released her debut album “El Umbral”. She explores her voice as a vehicle for emotion, combined with electronic textures and deconstructed percussion that transports the listener to an imaginary place where strength and vulnerability become one.

"[Feralucia] represents a mystical, avant-garde sound, and reveals a promising future for Colombian music." Revista Música (Colombia)

"Feralucia surprises: by being different, by being genuine, and by presenting an entirely aesthetic album." Indie Rocks (México)

"From a listener’s perspective, her debut album is a sublime sound that extends beyond orthodox composition, fed by an aesthetic exploration.” Indie Hoy (México, Argentina, Chile and Spain)

Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: Alternative
From: Medellín, COLOMBIA