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"Indescribable!" - VICE

"An adventurous spirit, a unique sound and an irrefutable intensity... The music has a primitive and ethereal feeling. It's dark, disruptive, astonishing and groundbreaking...They cannot be categorized, because they sound like nothing that already exists." - The Wall

"Enchanted!" - The Needle Drop

"In the 21st century it is difficult to surprise, but this is what Sturle Dagsland does. With his long blond hair and elvish good looks Sturle sings mythical songs that leaves no one feel indifferent.. And from his piercing eyes you can not hide even in the darkest corners of the room." -

Sturle Dagsland is a young and highly acclaimed musical outfit from Norway. They alternate at playing on an array of instruments and electronics, harmonically creating an expressive-progressive ever-changing soundscape dominated by Sturle's unrestrained innovative vocals ranging from ravening ferocious screams to virtuous angelic chanting. His distinctive voice, large vocal range, multilingual lyrics and unique approach to songwriting and composition won him the "Emerging Artist" award in Copenhagen, and they have toured extensively all across the world ever since.

Between the busy tour schedules of the past years Sturle Dagsland has been constantly working on recording music, which project has taken them to high mountain tops in Norway, abandoned industrial areas in Russia, legendary Soviet Marine ships in Eastern-Europe, concentration camps in Germany, A lighthouse in the North-Sea, and singing with wolves on dogsledding tours in the outbacks of Greenland..

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Events featuring Sturle Dagsland

Mar 17, 2017
1:00am — 1:50am
Presented by
Planetary Group
Stavanger, NORWAY