Super producer Eric Dingus distinctive signature style has been influential to the modern day sonic landscape to say the least. He continues his path towards musical immorality by growing his Dream Sequence Record Label. Signing Dowrong and $ from the Texas super group "League of Extraordinary Gz" to the imprint. The three have combine powers to form the ALVMNI. Dingus and DoWrong continue to raise the bar with their releases "The Dowrong" ep and the critically acclaimed "Stack or Starve". Setting an unparalleled standard as well as providing a welcome breath of fresh air, contrasting the current wave of simpler cliche Internet rappers. DoWrongs unorthodox approach to lyricism paired with an innate ability to provide harmony blend perfect over Dingus's dramatic instrumentation. Simultaneously $ and Dingus formed TSO (trillshitonly) unleashing a barrage of unapologetic southern fried soundtracks through their bi weekly TSO Tuesday releases via Soundcloud. Taking the Internet by storm, $ flow changes effortlessly from beat to beat with Dingus providing the eery backdrop. They continue to push the envelope. ALVMNI is DSR'S next level..

The dream team.. Naptimes over..

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Events featuring Alvmni

Mar 16, 2017
9:10pm — 9:25pm
Mar 18, 2017
10:15pm — 10:30pm