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Interactive: March 11–15  •  Film: March 11–19  •  Music: March 15–20

Virtual Reality: The Apocalyptic Scenario Meet Up

Tuesday, March 15
3:30PM - 4:30PM

JW Marriott
Room 211-212
110 E 2nd St

Throughout human history, we've attempted to escape our reality. The danger lies when we take this too far and humanity is threatened as a result. How long will it be until virtual reality becomes preferable to actual reality?

To better understand VR, we need to play devil's advocate and take a look at both sides of this exciting and significant technology.

In this session, we will journey through the current arguments against VR, from being compared to drug addiction to being blamed for damage to relationships and even the economy. We will then look to both fact and fiction to build a series of visions for the future, reaching a climax with an apocalyptic scenario spurred on by VR.

Hashtags: #sxsw


Jeremy Dalton at SXSW

Jeremy Dalton

Digital & Emerging Technologies Consultant


Jeremy works in PwC's Digital & Emerging Technologies team in London where he advises clients on the use of emerging technologies within their organisation. He is invested (both mentally and financ...

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