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Tuesday, March 15
10:30AM - 12:11PM

Alamo Ritz 2
320 E 6th St


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What does it mean to film another person? How does it affect that person - and what does it do to the one who films? Kirsten Johnson is one of the most notable cinematographers working in documentary cinema today, having shot CITIZENFOUR, HAPPY VALLEY, FAHRENHEIT 9/11, THE OATH, THE INVISIBLE WAR, and dozens of other essential documentaries. With her visually radical memoir CAMERAPERSON, Johnson presents an extraordinary and deeply poetic film of her own, drawing on the remarkable and varied footage that she has shot and reframing it in ways that illuminate moments and situations that have personally affected her.

Section: Festival Favorites
Country: United States
Language: English, Bosnian, Arabic, Dari, Hausa and Fur-Arabic with Subtitles
Year: 2016
Runtime: 101min

Director: Kirsten Johnson

Executive Producer: Abigail Disney, Gini Reticker

Producer: Marilyn Ness

Cinematographer: Kirsten Johnson

Editor: Nels Bangerter

Sound Designer: Pete Horner, Eric Milano

Music: Kathryn Bostic

Additional Credits: Co-Producer: Danielle Varga, Co-Editor: Amanda Laws


Kirsten Johnson is a cinematographer and director. Her short film THE ABOVE premiered at 2015 New York Film Festival in the The Intercept’s Field of Vision launch. Her most recent camerawork appears in the Oscar-winning film CITIZENFOUR and VERY SEMI-SERIOUS. Her other credits include THE INVISIBLE WAR, ASYLUM, FAHRENHEIT 9/11.

Sales Agent: Submarine / Josh Braun

Public Film Contact
Jeffrey Winter
The Film Collaborative

Publicity Contact
Genevieve Jacobson



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