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Interactive: March 11–15  •  Film: March 11–19  •  Music: March 15–20

The Apocalyptic Future . . . of Finance

Date TBA

If you're alive right now you're likely subject to the delusion that commerce, money, and "the marketplace" operates the way it mostly always has, and mostly always will. But the truth is we're on the very top of a metaphorical soap bubble, a delicately architected moment in time in which things appear to be working ok, despite a fair amount of conjecture around how long we can balance here.

That bubble is about to pop.

Join Josh as we dissect how "disruptive new technology" (i.e., mostly the internet and cryptography) is in the process of taking everything from banks to insurance firms to your local retailer out behind the shed for some quality time. With a belt.

Hashtags: #sxsw


Josh Klein


H4X Industries

Josh started as a hacker in his parent's basement and ended up working with leaders at the upper echelon of business, government, and internet security.

Along the way it became clear that a tipp...

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