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Interactive: March 11–15  •  Film: March 11–19  •  Music: March 15–20

Turning the Tide of Corruption: Mexico and Guatemala

Friday, March 11
5:00PM - 6:00PM

JW Marriott
Salon C
110 E 2nd St


Mexicans and Guatemalans are increasingly turning to technology to fight their country's history of corruption, tainted elections and governance with technology ranging from a simple cellphone to anonymous whistleblower websites.

Both countries notoriously non-transparent political scene has been plagued for decades by electoral fraud, dirty money, backroom deals and actual ballot-stealing. In recent years, a wide array of insurgent political forces and transparency activists have brought new information technology forces to bear on efforts to make elections freer, fairer and more transparent. These efforts vary in sophistication and this panel will showcase some of them.

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Benjamin Cokelet at SXSW

Benjamin Cokelet

Exec Dir


Benjamin Cokelet founded PODER (Project on Organizing, Development, Education, and Research) to improve corporate transparency and accountability in Latin America from a human rights perspective an...

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Enrique Naveda at SXSW

Enrique Naveda

General Coord


Enrique Naveda is the coordinator general and editor in chief at Plaza Pública, Guatemala's first online magazine, which he cofounded in 2011. He devised its data ̶ journalism department and design...

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Kara Andrade at SXSW

Kara Andrade


HablaCentro NFP

Kara Andrade is a PhD student at American University’s School of Communication. She is a researcher, journalist and entrepreneur who focuses on Latin America, media, technology and society. She is ...

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 Ortiz Pérez at SXSW

Luisa Ortiz Pérez


Nova Mexico Digital Solutions

Luisa Ortiz Pérez PhD. is a discourse analyst and digital communications professional experienced in social organizing, effective campaigning and civic entrepreneurship. She is the founder of Nova ...

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