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Surviving Indie: A Real Look Behind Indie Game Dev

Saturday, March 19
5:00PM - 6:00PM

Austin Convention Center
Room 5ABC
531 E 4th St

Making it as an indie game developer isn't easy. Though often romanticized, creating video games carries many burdens. Between the unknowns of producing a title, lack of funding, and life itself getting in the way, the Pandora's box that is game development can be overwhelming if not prepared for. Four game developers of varying success levels give their stories and true-to-life advice on surviving indie game development, while creators watching will walk away with a new outlook on their own aspirations.

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Jay Tholen

Devolver Digital

Jay Tholen is an independent game developer and creator of "Dropsy", published by Devolver Digital. As an artist and musician, he has brought his creative influence to several projects in games and more.

Kellee Santiago

Partner Dev Mgr, Indies

Google Play Games

Rami Ismail

Game Developer


Richard James Cook at SXSW

Richard James Cook

Game Developer

Gamestar Arts/Devolver Digital

Richard James Cook is a filmmaker and game developer in Austin, Texas. In independent game development, he is the creator of several smaller titles like "Pro Janitor Police" and the forthcoming fig...

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