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Saturday, March 19
11:15AM - 12:55PM

Satellite Venue: Marchesa
6226 Middle Fiskville Rd


Hashtags: #sxsw

The young man awakens, rising from his bed and deciding to drink, before choosing to write down a thought, and throwing it away. Hours pass, and he wakes up having slept off the effects. However, he chooses to get more liquor and leaves the room. He returns and sits on the bed, drinking, and looking at a frame of him and his girlfriend. He then gets up to grab an ashy shirt from the drawers. The next day, he places a razor a blade inside the bottle he is playing with. He then looks at his arm and pours the liquor all over himself. It is now night, and the young man has cut wrists, with the room a mess, before looking at the frame again, crying, and burning the room, with him in it.

Section: Texas High School Shorts Competition
Country: United States
Language: English
Year: 2015
Runtime: 5min

Director: Francisco Alvarez, Linda Robledo

Executive Producer: Mark Nickeleson, Francisco Alvarez

Producer: Linda Robledo

Screenwriter: Francisco Alvarez, Linda Robledo

Cinematographer: Trey Page

Editor: Linda Robledo

Production Designer: Linda Robledo

Sound Designer: Francisco Alvarez

Additional Credits: Setting Designer: Brianna Gonzales

Principal Cast: Francisco Alvarez, Linda Robledo, Trey Page


Francisco Alvarez is a high school senior, putting his artistic and literature talents into his first ever film.

Distributor: Mark Nickelson

Public Film Contact
Mark Nickelson
Stampede Studios
(832) 386-4286

Publicity Contact
Mark Nickelson



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