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The Third Floor

Saturday, March 19
11:15AM - 12:55PM

Satellite Venue: Marchesa
6226 Middle Fiskville Rd


Hashtags: #sxsw

On a routine stake out, a detective's partner is killed by a criminal on the run. The detective tries to hunt down this murderer based on glimpses of him that he saw, the gun he was carrying for example, but all of his attempts are futile. One day while sitting on a park bench the two come face to face once again. No matter what brought them together, be it fate, coincidence, or just sheer luck, the detective is determined to bring this murderer to justice; and the murderer is determined to do whatever it takes to escape it.

Section: Texas High School Shorts Competition
Country: United States
Language: English
Year: 2015
Runtime: 4min

Director: Jesse Scholz

Executive Producer: Jesse Scholz

Producer: Garrett Avey, Nick Kennedy, Brendan Walsh

Screenwriter: Jesse Scholz, Garrett Avey

Cinematographer: Jesse Scholz

Editor: Jesse Scholz

Production Designer: Jesse Scholz

Sound Designer: Jesse Scholz

Principal Cast: Garrett Avey, Nick Kennedy, Brendan Walsh


Jesse Scholz is a high school student who really enjoys studying, watching, and making movies. He believes cinema is at its best when the visuals alone tell the story and convey certain emotions. This reliance on the image alone is what he strives to accomplish in his own projects.

Distributor: Jesse Scholz

Public Film Contact
Jesse Scholz
Exploding Lightbulb

Publicity Contact
Jesse Scholz



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