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Seven Songs for a Long Life

Tuesday, March 15
6:45PM - 8:07PM

Stateside Theatre
719 Congress Ave


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The intimate story behind our changing relationship with death. A terminal diagnosis used to mean death within months. Modern medicine allows patients to live on for years. A passionate and touching film about uncertainty, about the future that faces all of us, following five patients who choose to sing their way through life, with a score by Mark Orton.

Section: Documentary Spotlight
Premiere Status: North American Premiere
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2015
Runtime: 82min

Director: Amy Hardie

Executive Producer: Lori Cheatle

Producer: Amy Hardie, Sonja Henrici

Cinematographer: Amy Hardie

Editor: Nick Gibbon, Colin Monie

Music: Mark Orton

Principal Cast: Tosh O’Donnell, Dorene Asher, Julie Reid, Iain Milne, Alicia Phillips, Nicola McInally, Mandy Malcomson, Jim Brown


Dr. Amy Hardie is a documentary filmmaker with several international awards. Her documentary feature THE EDGE OF DREAMING, was the first Scottish feature documentary to be selected for competition at IDFA in 2009 and was awarded the Grand Jury Prize, Kiev International Film Festival.

Distributor: Scottish Documentary Institute

Public Film Contact
Eve Korzec
Scottish Documentary Institute/ SDI Productions
+44 (013) 1651-5874

Publicity Contact
Eve Korzec



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Screening Section
Documentary Spotlight
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