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Your Life in Big Data: Drugs and the Environment

Sunday, March 15
3:30PM - 4:30PM

JW Marriott
Room 201-202
110 E 2nd St


Our exposome, like our genome, plays an instrumental role in our livelihood. The exposome is defined as the collection of all environmental exposures humans encounter from birth to death, including dietary nutrients, drugs, pollutants, bacteria, and viruses. These factors can alter our genetic predisposition for disease. Unlike our genomes, however, our exposomes are not predetermined. Our disease risk can be changed by modifying our exposome. Additionally, the exposome itself is made up of interactions, such as the way drugs interact to produce unwanted side effects or additional benefits.

In this two and a half hour long workshop, we begin to answer this question by introducing the concept of a “Personal Exposome Project”. We shall provide answers to what environmental exposures are and what the exposome concept is. We will show how how scientists – and now individuals – can search for exposures associated with disease. We will try to answer how the genome and exposome interact.


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Chirag Patel

Asst Prof

Harvard University

Chirag Patel’s long-term research goal is to address problems in human health and disease by developing computational and bioinformatics methods to reason over large-scale genomic and environmental...

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Nicholas Tatonetti

Asst Prof

Columbia University

Dr. Nicholas Tatonetti is assistant professor of biomedical informatics in the Departments of Biomedical Informatics, Systems Biology, and Medicine at Columbia University. He received his PhD from ...

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