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How to Rob a Bank: Vulnerabilities of New Money

Tuesday, March 17
3:30PM - 4:30PM

JW Marriott
Salon 8
110 E 2nd St

There are two ways to rob a bank: run in guns blazing—or go in through the backdoor. We've spent so much time & effort to secure the "old money" (physical vulnerabilities) at banks—security deposit boxes, cash. And it's no longer interesting. What hasn't been properly secured is the "new money," the virtual vulnerabilities—custodial data, identities, reputation. Gain client data, find it's relatively easy to exploit, then spend your money without you knowing it.

What is money? Is it cash? Power? We know money is two things: a medium for exchange & has historic value.

Just how will you obtain this new money? Find an Eastern European mob family on the dark web & they'll pretty much take care of the rest? It's easily more scalable than counting on the science of counterfeiting needed to steal old money.

While identity is not a simply replicable value of custodial data, it's not well secured. Why? It's not well understood—highly valuable, highly exploitable. Identity is the new money.


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Bob Blakley

Global Head of Security Innovation


Bob Blakley is Director of Security Innovation at Citigroup. Blakley currently serves as Plenary chair of the NSTIC Identity Ecosystem Steering Group and as Research Co-Chair of FSSCC—the Financial...

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Boe Hartman

Chief Information Officer


Boe joined Barclaycard in 2011 as Lead Technology Partner & was appointed Head of Technology Delivery in 2012. He was asked to lead the newly created Barclaycard CIO organisation in 2013. Whether o...

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Josh Alexander



It’s always ironic when the guy in charge of strategic vision wears glasses. Josh is Toopher’s business juggernaut. With a deep and extensive background in investments, strategy, corporate finance,...

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