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Storytelling Engines for Smart Environments

Monday, March 16
3:30PM - 4:30PM

Austin Convention Center
Room 12AB
Austin Convention Center

The Information Age moved us into a Connected Economy but didn’t fully restored the relational Poetry it had conceiled. The Sensor Age is finally here. We can now fully awake the Poetic Potential of the Internet of things. The physical world is the new platform (again).

Removing the friction between the various touchpoints of a typical daily human experience to create Meaningful Immersive Experience that doesn't isolate the user has proven to be a very challenging task.

The panel will be organized to navigate the limitless possibilities of the various services, products tools and mindsets that allows any Urban Planners, any changemaker, any Retail Strategist, any Creative Director, any Storyteller, any Poet to create Experiences that seamlessly incorporate Human Behaviors, the ever-growing types of wearables & connected objects, mobile devices & their applications, environmental media systems (sounds, video, special effects) and a vast array of Sensors and Sensors Networks.


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Jonathan Belisle

Chief Experience Architect


20+ years experience creating Avant-Garde Web StartUps, Mobile Storytelling Apps, Playful interactions & interfaces and Business Management Platforms. Successful track record leading interdisciplin...

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Lance Weiler


Connected Sparks

Lance Weiler is a storyteller, entrepreneur and thought leader. An alumni of the Sundance Screenwriting Lab, he is recognized as a pioneer because of the way he mixes storytelling and technology. W...

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Meghan Athavale


Lumo Play

Vincent Routhier

CEO / Chief Storytelling Officer


Vincent Routhier is the Chief Storyteller Officer at SAGA, a wonderful living space of creativity, a hub where multidisciplinary and international teams share high knowledge and innovative approach...

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