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Saturday, March 14
11:00AM - 12:09PM

Violet Crown Cinema
434 West 2nd St


Betty and her friend V have a major project: the open-air music festival, Sziget Festival held every summer on one of the Danube islands in Hungary. Instead of money the teenagers have a stash of grass waiting for a buyer. Food? Nothing wrong with the leftovers from other people’s plates. Tent? Why bother when you can sleep under the stars. Sleep? No way: the party goes on all night. V is a pretty girl who knows how to use her charms to the best advantage. Betty, more reserved and shy, never quite knows what to do with her hands, how to hold a cigarette, what to say to the boys they meet. But the tables are turned when the pair go their separate ways after an argument.

Section: SXGlobal
Premiere Status: North American Premiere
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian with Subtitles
Year: 2014
Runtime: 69min

Director: Yvonne Kerékgyártó

Producer: Judit Kastner, Co-Producers: Judit Romwalter, Viktor Dénes Huszár

Screenwriter: Yvonne Kerékgyártó

Cinematographer: Kristóf Becsey, Zágon Nagy, Gergely Pálos, Cador Rida

Editor: Brigitta Bacskai

Production Designer: Vera Várszegi, Renátó Cseh

Sound Designer: Gábor 'Anorganik' Deutsch

Music: Quimby, Brains, Die Antwoord, Gabor Deutsch, Zoltan 'Jappán' Takács , Dorothy's legs

Additional Credits: Costume Designer: Juli Szlávik, Sound Engineer: Dániel B hm, Rudolf Várhegyi, Viktor Lente, Post-production Sound Engineer: Csongor Fazekas, Gábor Vastag, Script Editor: Georgina Hegedüs, Sára Herpai, Camera operator 'B': István Balázs Balázs, Tamás Benkó, Fanni Szilágyi, Bálint Seress

Principal Cast: Luca Pusztai, Ágnes Barta, Péter Sándor, Róbert Kardos, Ádám Kovács, Barnabás Janka, Tibor Szolár, Anna Nemes, Katica Nagy


Yvonne Kerekgyarto was born in 1989. She studied dramaturgy and scriptwriting at the University of Theater and Film Art, Hungary and in HFF, Potsdam, Babelsberg. Besides directing she also works as writer.

Her first professional work as a director was Pinkwater, a short fiction film which was in the program of Tokyo Short Shorts IFF in 2012.

Public Film Contact
Judit Kastner
DDK Produkciós Kft.

Publicity Contact
Judit Kastner



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