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Melo KAN

Saturday, March 21
9:05PM - 9:15PM

The Belmont
305 W 6th St


Fusing an eclectic blend of passion and insightful lyricism, West Coast rap artist Melo KAN creates a sound that resonates with music lovers universally. To put it simply, Melo is not an artist created in a demographic vacuum. His stories of struggle and triumph transcend age, race, and demographic barriers and serve as inspiration to a generation lacking definitive leadership. His artistry stands out in an industry of copycats as he pushes the limits of creativity while balancing the needs of his listeners who crave more than just a brief sugar high. Melo says, “Nobody makes albums that people can still listen to years down the line anymore. I strive to make records so complete that 10 years later when you listen, you’ll say damn I wish brothas still made records like this!”

Similar to early rap pioneers such as Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and Grandmaster Flash, there is a message in Melo’s music. While he beli...

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Los Angeles, CA

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