2015 Schedule
Interactive: March 13–17  •  Film: March 13–21  •  Music: March 17–22

Lil J

Saturday, March 21
9:50PM - 10:05PM


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Hailing from Queens, New York by way of Austin, Texas
LIL J of the L.O.E.Gz aka J Weezy is the heart and soul of the C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery).& THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY G'z. His aggressive rhymes let you know he's all about business. He has a reputation for saying whatever he feels, whenever he feels like saying it, and you will respect it. His presence is strong and his name is respected, that's no secret. ¼ of the legendary rap group, Da C.O.D, and 1/8 of the League of the Extraordinary G's (LOEGz), this gifted artist is undoubtedly heard.

His strong leadership qualities are unmeasured and his rap game, in short, is defined as incomparable.

Lil J is a lyrical force to be reckoned with. His rhymes are no doubt realistic to his life and everything he's witnessed. He is considered a reality rapper far from counterfeit. He strives on perfection. Always holding the audience captive and demanding attention by h...

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Austin, TX

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