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YouTube Grows Up: Community and Culture

Sunday, March 15
12:30PM - 1:30PM

Austin Convention Center
Room 12AB
Austin Convention Center


Today's superstars are clocking millions of eyeballs each week on their new content, raising and earning millions of dollars, and doing it all outside of the network and studio systems on sites like YouTube or Vine. They haven't completely replaced traditional stars (yet), but are the new famous for the under-30 crowd. The medium of digital-first video relishes in embracing direct connection, collaboration, and a seemingly low barrier to entry for fans to become creators in their own right. How can this new style of celebrity shape pop culture, change the meaning of fame and how will it interact with the establishment over time? How do the niche-famous deal with privacy, and the lure of crossing over to the mainstream? This panel explores the variety of paths the new content creators can and are taking to building their communities and creativity, and debates whether Hollywood is the be-all, end-all, or if creators have a chance to build a truly new medium that is self-sustained.


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Corey Lubowich


StarKid Productions/Luboworks Productions

Corey is a multi-hypenate director-producer-designer and brunch-enthusiast fascinated with the intersection of old school art and new fangled technology, and how it can be used to tell new stories....

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Megan Westerby

VP of Mktg


Megan Westerby is an expert in entertainment marketing and has focused on identifying, creating, or nurturing fandoms for projects and people large and small. She started her career in entertainmen...

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Rae Votta


Rae Votta is obsessed with obsession. She began as an academic studying the linguistics of digital fan culture and has crafted a career that has crossed various mediums, from record labels to techn...

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Sarah Weichel

Digital Talent Mgr

Talent Manager

Sarah is a talent manager who's worked with YouTuber Hannah Hart for two years. She previously worked for LiveNation and and in the PR industry.


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