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We Take It for Granted: Defending All Human Rights

Monday, March 16
12:30PM - 1:30PM

Austin Convention Center
Room 10AB
Austin Convention Center

When we log onto the Internet most of us take for granted the right we have to write and say whatever we want. We take for granted the right to find out the information we are looking for. We take our security for granted, the right to associate with the people we want, the right to be secure in our digital possessions. While we take these freedoms as given, many of them are coming under threat from state, private, vigilante, and commercial actors. From bulk surveillance to Network Neutrality to DDoS-as-censorship, bloggers, activists, journalists, free thinkers, and everyday web surfers around the world are being censored and taken offline just because the guy with the bigger stick doesn’t agree with their point-of-view. The Internet was built for all of us, not just the powerful, but like with any resource people will try to take advantage of it for personal gain.


#sxsw #humanrights


John Scott-Railton

Research Fellow

University of Toronto

Kenneth Carter



Ken is CloudFlare’s legal counsel. With an eclectic background in just about everything, Ken works to defend our users’ rights and support CloudFlare’s mission for a better Internet, even if that m...

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Michael Samway

Adjunct Professor

Georgetown University School Of Foreign Service

Tekedra Mawakana

Global Head of Public Policy, VP & Deputy General Counsel



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