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Is Your Company Killing You?

Sunday, March 15
3:30PM - 3:45PM

Austin Convention Center
Ballroom C
Austin Convention Center


In today’s always plugged in, on-the-go world, companies and employees alike are suffering the consequences of poor choices that ultimately backfire and prevent long-term gains. Every year, companies ask more of their employees – efficiency at all costs, do more with less, be available 24/7. Problem is, we’ve all got the same time constraints. We can’t put more hours in our days, so we multi-task, we stop taking care of ourselves – missing workouts, eating poorly and skimping on sleep – and we neglect important personal relationships and rob our well-being.

Well-being is the most significant predictor of productivity, so why are companies hurting their people with cultures and strategies that at best yield short-term gains but bring big negative long-term consequences? This session will focus on how to break this cycle and will share real-life examples of how great things can happen when companies take care of their people and when people in turn take care of themselves.


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Shawn LaVana

Mktg Lead

Virgin Pulse


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