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Bionic Pancreas: Getting Closer

Monday, March 16
11:00AM - 12:00PM

JW Marriott
Room 201-202
110 E 2nd St


Insulin-dependent diabetics live daily with a pancreas that is not functioning properly. A healthy pancreas secretes both insulin to counter high blood sugar and glucagon to counter low blood sugar. In people with type 1 diabetes, this natural control system is broken. The standard of care to date has been the injection of insulin to manage high blood sugar and the ingestion of carbohydrates to manage low blood sugar. This is akin to managing the temperature in your house with a space heater to add heat and opening the windows to cool things off. It works, but not very well. This session will discuss the industry and academic partnerships underway to create a bionic pancreas which combines novel medical devices and formulations of insulin and glucagon to mimic the function of the pancreas outside the body. Recent studies have demonstrated the power of automated glucose control and the peace of mind it can create for those who live with the daily burden of diabetes.


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Steven Russell

Asst Professor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School

Yash Sabharwal

Chief Operating Officer

Xeris Pharmaceuticals Inc

Dr. Sabharwal has almost 20 years of experience in the operation and financing of early-stage technology companies. After graduating with his Ph.D., he co-founded Optical Insights, LLC, a company...

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