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The Science and Art of Genetic Engineering

Friday, March 13
4:15PM - 4:30PM

Austin Convention Center
Ballroom B
Austin Convention Center


The Science of genetic and genomic engineering provides a number of amazing opportunities to create organisms for performing complex tasks that modern electronics and chemistry can only dream of. Engineered bacteria produce much of the insulin in use by diabetics while engineered plants like "Golden Rice", can save hundreds of thousands of lives each year. Even NASA is involved in research to use genetically engineered organisms for technologies to help in deep space exploration. I will attempt to answer questions such as: What is genetic engineering and how is it performed? Is it safe? How can it benefit or harm society? I will also explore technologies and art that have been and hopefully, will be created using genetic and genomic engineering.


#sxsw #NASASynBio


Josiah Zayner

Research Fellow


Dr. Josiah Zayner (really Dr.? yeah I know seems pretentious sorry) is a Synthetic Biology Research Fellow at NASA, attempting to develop biotechnology for deep space exploration and colonization. ...

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