2014 Schedule
Interactive: March 7–11  •  Film: March 7–15  •  Music: March 11–16

SXSW Eco Light Garden

Join us for innovative and inspiring sculptures of light at the SXSW Eco Light Garden. The park has been curated with art from around the world, and this event is free and open to the public. Pieces include:

Huckleberry - Max Zorn
Max Zorn is an emerging urban tape artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Only brown packing tape is used as a medium, while his artwork hangs on street lamps worldwide. He creates tape layers shaped with a scalpel on plexiglass – that when illuminated from behind -- reveals depth and contrasts of warm sepia colors. Together, with his straight lines and sharp subjects, Max Zorn's world is something out of a nostalgic Americana crime novel. Also appearing at Blackheart March 8th for the SXSW Eco Launch Party, from 8pm-11pm

Fractoid 2.2 - Lustix and1028 Designs, Clever Maven Experiential
Fractoid 2.2 is a kinetic, projection-mapped sculpture. It is synced to a futuristic beat-machine and operates based off of audience interaction. Participants are invited to enter various combinations of keystrokes into a controller that will cause the sculpture to rotate into different shapes. Fractoid 2.2 challenges us to think about the relationship between space and information.

Intersection - Houndstooth Studio
The edges of these geometric sculptures are trimmed with LED lights and sensors that allow the lights to react to people coming near them. The sculptures, which resemble molecules and other fractal forms in nature, will glow brighter as you approach them, creating an interactive, multi-sensory experience.

Cathedral of Mathgic - Ilya "Tinker" Pieper and Team Frabjous, Clever Maven Experiential
An interactive mathematical musical experience like none other designated as the Cafe Portal for Burning Man 2013, the center piece to the Cathedral of Mathgic is a Frabjous, a famous polyhedron shape comprised of 30 identical pieces which come together to create 20 points with 12 sides. The 10 ft diameter Frabjous is the largest ever built. Fifteen of the twenty points are capped with a metal tip which have touch capacitive sensors connected to it so you can touch and interact with the sculpture. This sound interactive sculpture will feature several different sets of soundscapes from various musicians including Ciara Blossom, Ex Stus, and Twine.

Light Field - The Windmill Factory (Musée du Louvre, MIT Media Lab, The New Museum, Nine Inch Nails) with Robert Bose and Lumigeek
Inspired by swimming with bioluminescence… one hundred wirelessly controlled LED balloons create a floating pixel forest. Visitors pass through a grove of balloons and may transform the visual landscape, adjusting the speed and color of the Light Field. Leah Siegel of Leisure Cruise, will guest to perform live sets on the balloons.

And just around the corner from the Light Garden (head northwest), you don’t want to miss Tree by Simon Heijdens! A celebration of the 10th Anniversary of 'Tree', this location sensitive light projection will be featured in its original version in the city of Austin during the SXSW festival. Projected from dusk until dawn on 3-4 locations throughout the city (including Republic Square Park), revealing in the amount of falling leaves, how different parts of the city are used throughout the course of the festival. On both prominent large scale walls, as well as more surprising secluded encounters, the projections of Trees and their leaves on the ground make a path throughout different locations of SXSW

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