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NASA and Kerbal Space Program: The Asteroid Mission In Real and Virtual Worlds

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NASA wanted to attract more interest to its Asteroid Redirect Mission and Kerbal Space Program, an indie space agency sim, was ecstatic bring this real-world mission into its virtual world. NASA scientists and KSPdevelopers will swap stories and share details about how the mission in both the real and virtual worlds is going to make a meaningful impact on how we view our place in the universe.

NASA and Kerbal Space Program: The Asteroid Mission In Real and Virtual Worlds is open to the public with free Guest Pass wristbands, available in advance or on-site at the event. Guestpass.sxsw.com for more information.


Bob Holtzman


Bob Holtzman, the director of marketing and PR for Kerbal Space Program, has been promoting online games since 2007 and was at the forefront of the now dominant free-to-play/microtransactions business model. He has worked with games that have had millions of players and won awards, and others that failed to generate an audience capable of sustaining the service.

Chad Jenkins

Technical Artist & Developer


Chad Jenkins, a technical artist and developer for Kerbal Space Program, transitioned from a member of the KSP modding community to a full-time developer in March of 2012. His work on a space plane mod, called the C7 flight pack, led the way for the team's development of the existing SPH (Space Planes Hangar), and is now an exciting element of the game's feature set. Before joining Squad, Chad worked in information systems for pharmaceutical companies. His primary focus for the KSP development team is on "part logic," which is how the team ensures its modular approach works with existing and future work.

Felipe Falanghe

Lead Developer


Felipe Falanghe is the creator and lead developer for Kerbal Space Program. Felipe joined Squad in April 2010 and worked on interactive marketing installations before founding the KSP project in January 2011. He originally conceived Kerbal Space Program after running experiments with friends on model rockets as a teenager in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He studied game design at Anhembi Morumbi University in Sao Paulo and has always been a fan of simulators.

Jason Townsend

Deputy Social Media Mgr


Jason Townsend is NASA's deputy social media manager where he helps oversee and coordinate over 450 social media accounts covering NASA’s people, missions, and programs. He coordinates between internal social media users and NASA’s external community of fans and followers to tell NASA’s story. During his tenure at NASA, he helped NASA.gov win two Webby Awards in 2010 and 2011 and NASA Social Media win back-to-back Shorty Awards in 2012 and 2013.


Jason Kessler

Grand Challenges Program Exec


Jason Kessler, NASA’s Asteroid Grand Challenge Program Executive, began his professional career at NASA back in 1994. After graduating with a degree in Chemistry, Jason earned a position in NASA’s Legislative office and spent the following six years in various positions at NASA, culminating with the position of Deputy Chief of Staff to the NASA Administrator. Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him back to school, earning his MBA. Several businesses later, Jason returned to NASA to join the SERVIR program office combining his private and public sector experience into one venture bringing decision-support information for climate change adaptation to those in the developing world. Jason has a passion for teaching yoga and meditation and in New York City he taught World Trade Center victims suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He is working on his private pilot license, loves spicy food, and has a deep appreciation for music recorded and played back through tube electronics. He is committed to developing his leadership skills, so he can continually make bigger offers for improving the world.

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