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From Quantified to Optimized: Custom Health Care

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Quantified Self only gets someone the data. It's descriptive, not prescriptive: "All these numbers, now what do I do?" Now imagine, from your data, you could learn exactly what your body needed, and most critically, how to deliver it? Blood and DNA offer substantial data that family doctors lack the time/expertise to analyze and act upon, and DNA is only starting to enter the picture, so the measurable aspects of our health will keep increasing - rapidly. Current health care cannot keep pace. The future of healthcare will have new product layers, with customized services based on optimized lifestyle. As we keep getting better at understanding the data, and the interrelationships of DNA and the many body chemistry factors such as the metabolic and endocrine systems, we can tune our health to better suit the life we want to live. What we're seeing today are the beginnings of new expert systems, new doctors, new research, and people who want to live in optimal health.



Chris Matthews



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