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Type Tasting Global Lettering Workshop

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ATTENTION: This is a DROP-IN workshop. You may come at any time between 9:30am-6:00pm.

Participants will get creative reinterpreting letters inspired by street signs and signage from around the world.

Physical play and exploration are vital to the creative thinking process as these engage all of the senses. These work together to create new associations and ideas and often prompt more innovative thinking. If you're having an intense day of information gathering then taking a break to do something tactile will give your brain the opportunity to process and absorb.

In this workshop we invite participants to get creative whilst exploring and reinterpreting the typography found in street signs and signage from around the world.

Why typography? Because it's such an important communication tool—it is what our voices look like. We interpret it instinctively and use it in our everyday lives as a navigation tool: whether it's choosing which hair salon to walk into or recognising a familiar chain of restaurants when we're abroad. We make decisions based on the fonts we encounter on a daily basis, but how often are we aware that we're doing this?

The variation of typography found in signage styles reflects the social and historical development of an area. In this workshop we aim to explore and build up a visual representation of global typography trends.

Participants will be provided with templates of letters taken from signage found around the globe. They will be invited to customise the letters using a range of markmaking tools and collage materials. These will be displayed on the wall to create an exhibition of reinterpreted global signage that will grow throughout the day.

What you will gain by attending:
• Creative refuelling session
• Learn about or refresh your knowledge of typography
• Explore global typography trends found in signage
• Contribute to the exhibition of letters that will grow throughout the day
• Enjoy, relax and socialise

The workshop is a drop-in session which can be joined at any point throughout the day.

- No prior typographic knowledge is needed, the workshop is geared for all levels from the curious to experts.

What to Bring:
- Come ready to roll your sleeves up and get messy.
- If you have a favourite pencil, pens or markmaking tools then please bring them along.



Sarah Hyndman

Founder & Creative Dir

Type Tasting

Sarah Hyndman runs graphic design company With Relish and launched Type Tasting in February 2013 with an evening of typographic swearing ’n’ cussing. She has an MA in Typo/Graphics from the London College of Communication where she also taught for six years alongside her commercial practice.

Her field of interest is typography as we experience it in the real world. She leads Type Safaris, which explore signage in areas of London, and runs workshops that employ different sensory experiences to inspire typographic creativity. She also gives demonstrations and talks on how we use typography to navigate and reflect our lives.

Type Tastings range from large scale, public events, such as the collaboration with the London Design Festival at the V&A Museum in September, to bespoke workshops and seminars. Sarah has been interviewed on the BBC’s Today and The Arts Hour and has been commissioned to write a book.

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