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Amateur Scientists Meet Up: OAS

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The internet revolution is democratizing science. No longer limited to conventional laboratories ­ science is taking to the streets as amateur and professional scientists around the world are conducting extraordinary experiments and posting their exploits on YouTube. We¹re talking about the guys who attach paper airplanes to a weather balloon and film them in space, or someone who jumps from a 30 ft. high platform into a foot of water. How can a car do a forward somersault and drive away? How do you make a rainbow with a shotgun? These backyard endeavors are going viral, while scientists puzzle through their Newtonian principles, fluid dynamics, organic chemistry and healthy dose of dumb luck. On Outrageous Acts of Science on Science Channel we¹ll delve into this fascinating world, finding and celebrating amazing clips, and explaining the wonderful science behind them. Join Hakeem Olyusei-Science Channel, Elise Andrew-IFLS and Mythbusters Kari Byron.


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