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I Am My Own Social Network

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Ever worried you’re too tied to tech? Then come power down for an hour and meet people face to face! I Am My Own Social Network is the rallying cry for a movement of individuals who want to become more aware of their relationship to technology (and personal devices) in the modern world. Yes, it's true, we're hosting a NON-tech in the middle of SXSW Interactive '14. For just one hour you're to turn off your phone and re-connect with people again, without a screen. Through simple exercises, we'll ask you to get to know fellow SXSW attendees on a more personal level. No tech, no work talk. Just talking to new people, and reminding ourselves how we communicate on a human level. Think of it as a personal hour of non-digital mediation in the middle of the SXSW buzz.



Dave Hepp

Creative Dir


From an early age, it was clear that Dave was a social animal. He frequently brought home elementary school report cards with comments from teachers like “talks too much” and “distraction to others.” This trend continued well into his higher education years when he was (embarrassingly) asked by a college professor to change seats away from his best friend – for talking too much.

As early as 2008, you could hear him utter the phrase “I am my own social network” in response to friends asking him about his online habits. Today, Dave spends more time in conversation than a late-night talk show host as he’s fascinated by meeting new people and connecting to them outside of screens or WiFi networks.

By day, Dave works as Creative Director of boutique brand strategy and creative execution agency PartnersTBD, provoking thoughtful development of interesting ideas for brands – called Currency. He has over 13 years of experience in building brands from almost every industry imaginable.

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