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Without Their Consent: Ending Revenge Porn

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Across the country, there is an increasingly widespread problem of abusers and perpetrators posting images and video footage online as a tactic of abuse, harassment, bullying and extortion.
The images and videos may be of consensual nudity or sexual activities that were taken with or without the victim’s consent. As seen in recent high-profile cases, they can also be images or footage of physical and/or sexual assaults.
Regardless of the situation, when images and video are posted online of someone without their consent as a tactic of abuse, action needs to be taken to protect the victim and hold the abuser accountable.
This session will explore this phenomenon and share information about what the technology community can do.


Christina Gagnier



Christina Gagnier leads the Intellectual Property, Internet & Technology practice at Gagnier Margossian LLP, with a specialization in social media, copyright and information privacy.

Gagnier consults technology firms on policy issues ranging from patent law reform to communications issues, such as Network Neutrality. Gagnier’s primary research concerns issues of cyber rights and the intersection of on and offline action. Gagnier has customized Gagnier Margossian LLP’s technology practice to broadly serve the needs of “startups.” Working with artists, Web TV writers and producers, Internet companies and mobile application developers, Gagnier provides digital strategy advising to clients who are often times navigating uncharted legal territory.
Gagnier researched at Stanford Law School for Professor Lawrence Lessig, working on Code 2.0 and Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy.

Erica Johnstone


Without My Consent

Erica specializes in defending people who have been harmed online. She represents plaintiffs seeking to take down or block the publication or republication of unlawful content about themselves or their business. She litigates online issues concerning harassment, the right to privacy, identity theft and impersonation, and defamation. She also advises clients proactively on steps that may be taken to reclaim their reputations in the Age of search. Erica educates the public and lawmakers on these issues, and is on the cutting edge in using the legal system to identify and confront this new class of harms.

Erica is licensed to practice law in states of New York and California. Before founding Ridder, Costa & Johnstone LLP, Erica was a litigation associate at Hinshaw & Culbertson, and has also worked for an independent film producer in Los Angeles, California, and covered local music for MTV.

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