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Do It Together Is the New Do It Yourself

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Never let the resources of one individual limit the potential of the community as a whole. We want to establish Washington, DC as THE location for live concerts in your living room. But hosting a show in your house requires equipment, contacts, expertise, promotional avenues, and most of all volunteers. So we launched Homestage, a grassroots organization dedicated to nurturing the blossoming house show scene in our community. Our bottom line is not monetary but rather the proliferation of live in-home entertainment through our efforts. Homestage facilitates guerrilla houseshows every week through the collective musical, digital, promotional, artistic, and organizational talents of our community. We don’t have investors, but we do have a huge group of people dedicated to this cause. Here we discuss the process of establishing our efforts, technology, war stories, and where we plan to go in the future.



Catherine Woodiwiss


Trestles Creative Agency

Catherine is a journalist, start-up founder, musician, and community-accumulator. In 2013, Catherine co-founded Trestles, a DC-based creative agency that promotes cross-sector collaboration and innovation in the city's creative economy. She calls it "making DC weird." Catherine is also a columnist and editor at Sojourners, a leading faith-based social justice blog and advocacy group in DC.

Catherine plays bluegrass-folk music on the regular, and loves a good porch jam session. Naturally, this led her to help found Homestage DC — a collaborative musical service that matches home venues in the District with local and touring artists, fans, and neighborhoods. Because why play music when you can play music matchmaker?

Check out the house show scene in DC, and get some good local shows on your calendar, at www.homestage.us.


Nicholas DePrey

Digital Analytics


Nicholas is a digital analyst, DIY instigator, and musician living in Washington, DC. As the co-founder and Chief Collaborator of Homestage, a grass-roots organization nurturing the fast-growing DIY music scene in Washington, DC, Nicholas dreams up the processes and assets that make the DIY scene tick.

As a digital analyst at Threespot, a digital agency hell-bent on using its powers for good, Nicholas wields digital analytics as a means of assessing clients' organizational progress toward stated goals. He has developed measurement strategies and provided analytics reporting solutions for organizations including the National Park Service, Planned Parenthood, and the Pew Charitable Trusts.

As a musician, Nicholas plays in 2 reputed DC-area bands: the Nighttime Adventure Society, and Baby Bry Bry and the Apologists. Look out for DC as a music scene in 2014.

Nicholas holds a BA in economics from the University of Notre Dame. Prior to working at Threespot Nicholas was a financial analyst at General Electric and a management consultant for Optimity Advisors.

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