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Interactive: March 7–11  •  Film: March 7–15  •  Music: March 11–16

Blur the Lines: Write Web Apps that Look Native

#sxsw #nativeweb

ATTENTION: You must signup in advance to attend this workshop. You will need to have a valid SXSW badge, and an activated SXsocial account. To reserve your seat, please go here: https://sup.sxsw.com/schedule/IAP23253

Compared to native apps, web apps can be bland. Many web apps are designed with a traditional desktop feature set in mind, stripping out features for the mobile version. But nowadays, we have access to some exciting features that we've never had before. Particularly on mobile. Let's explore what we can do with new HTML features like the accelerometer, geolocation and camera APIs, as well as speed enhancements to make our responsive web apps look native. If you work on the web and fancy the feel of a snappy native app, this workshop is for you.

We'll dive into the following to give you a broader understanding of what your app is capable of:

- New APIs
- Geolocation
- Battery
- Camera
- Accelerometer
- Animation
- Touch events
- Speed
- AppCache
- JS Performance
- Browser quirks

- Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and an internediate understanding of Javascript.

What to Bring:
- Laptop with Ruby and NodeJS installed.



Ethan Muller

Web Dev


Ethan is cascading sheet stylist who builds squishy websites at Sparkbox in Dayton, Ohio. Ethan also makes music and draws doodles. Ethan lives for danger.


Jeremy Mack



Jeremy has spent the last year and a half creating over 30 Ember Apps. His Vim mastery and custom asset-compilation fuse into the most streamlined web creation workflow possible in 2014. He creates and deploys Ember apps in a handful of hours after typing "v" into his carefully-tuned z-shell.


Rob Tarr

Software Engineer


Rob is a developer at Sparkbox in Dayton, Ohio. He spends his days writing JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, PHP, and building tools that help make the Internet a better place for everyone. When not at work, Rob can usually be found building LEGOs with his kids, hanging out with his wife, hacking on his Arduino, or experimenting with what can be done with JavaScript.

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