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A Funny Taboo: The Art of LOL for Business Women

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Should women in business be funny? It’s proven (2011 psychology study) that men are funnier than women. Women shy away from humor in the work place, and (yet another study) men are not attracted to funny women. Till now, the message has been: women are humor appreciators NOT humor creators. Not true. Today, women are using humor to build business brands and comedy empires. But will it work for you? If you are a woman, run your own business and have a sense of humor (pretty essential) should YOU unleash it to see if people ROFL in the aisles? Will it win you customers or could it undermine your credibility?

This presentation looks at the fear of using humor in business and how to overcome it. You’ll see how women are using degrees of humor (from mild to taboo) to market what they do. Some use stand-up techniques to attract customers while others use humor to combat PR crises. You’ll leave with fresh ideas for using humor in your business... and have a laugh at the same time.



Amy Harrison


Harrisonamy Copywriting

In 2008, Amy founded a copywriting and content marketing business to help companies create engaging content. Before this she spent 3 years studying scriptwriting for film and TV and 3 years helping a private investment firm manage its online acquisitions.

She is a featured writer for popular content marketing and blogging sites such as Copyblogger and Problogger. Through her own site she offers free resources and training classes to help business owners communicate their value clearly.

As a consultant, Amy has delivered live content workshops and talks throughout Europe, and worldwide virtual training webinars for international organizations including the British Council and IQPC. Her training sessions help attendees write high-quality content and adapt to content-writing if it is new to their job roles.

She is also the host of AmyTV, an online TV series that provides a fun and practical look at the world of copywriting and content marketing.

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