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Interactive: March 7–11  •  Film: March 7–15  •  Music: March 11–16

Beyond Unplugging: How to Stay Sane Online

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If abstinence education can’t stop teens from getting pregnant, why are we preaching digital abstinence as the cure for information overload and online distraction? In this session we’ll dig into our digital and personal toolboxes to share the practices, habits, apps and gadgets that can foster a healthy relationship to technology.

Countless articles explain how to “unplug” and take internet sabbaticals – a kind of binge/purge approach to online living. This session’s speakers will kick off the conversation with their own thoughts and suggestions for how to find a middle way, and then open the floor for your ideas and tips: How do you maintain your health, sanity, and relationships while using tech tools?
If you worry that you shouldn’t be checking your iPhone in bed, but you’re not prepared to do something as radical as actually turning it off, this session is your chance to find and share strategies and ideas for staying sane and online.



Lauren Bacon

Technology entrepreneur, author, business & leadership coach

Curiosity Labs

Lauren is a seasoned entrepreneur, published author, business coach, and lifelong learner/teacher. A veteran online strategist with a background in design, she co-founded a successful eight-person digital agency – Raised Eyebrow Web Studio – and ran it for 12 years before stepping aside to focus on writing and coaching. Describing herself as "curious for a living," she coaches startups, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all stripes – asking lots of questions, and employing her unending curiosity to help people and organizations get clear on their purpose and realize their visions.

She has written a bestselling book for women entrepreneurs, convened events for values-driven business owners, and was nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurs Award. Outside of work, she is a great fan of French interior decorating magazines, cooking up dinner parties,and reading graphic novels. The highlight of her week is her workout with her Ukrainian boxing coach.


Rohan Gunatillake



Rohan is the creator of buddhify - the remarkable app which brings mindfulness, compassion and calm to all parts of your very modern life. Based in the UK, Rohan & his company 21awake create digital products which use the principles & practices of meditation and mindfulness to show that we can enjoy popular technologies which are actually good for our minds.

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