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When Good Technology Goes Bad: Mobile Security

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Did you know that in less than 60 minutes you can turn a $20 router into an attack platform that is capable of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of data? Did you know that this can be done with very little technical expertise?
It’s possible, and Adam Tyler, chief innovation officer with security technology company CSID, is going to demo this process, live, and show just how easy it is to turn an inexpensive, widely available technology into a device that can threaten individuals and businesses. While doing his demo, Adam will provide an inside look into the world of data theft and malware on mobile devices. He will discuss how inexpensive and powerful technologies have made it easier than ever to inject malware and steal data from laptops, smartphones and tablets and how we can protect against these threats. And with technology becoming evermore powerful, Adam will provide insight into what we can expect from mobile threats in the future and how we can address them.


Adam Tyler

Chief Innovation Officer


As CSID’s Chief Innovation Officer, Adam will lead the charge to promote innovation in technology, including product development, service offerings and data. Adam started his career working for IBNet, where he developed multiple key technologies and programs to help protect corporate entities from the growing risk emerging from the online world. He joined Andrew Clark in 2004 to form Dataspaces to continue the momentum begun earlier in his career. Adam lives and works from CSID's London office.

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