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Workhacking Away from 'Business As Usual'

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When companies overemphasize business processes over people, they push speed or scale, and limit variations or changes. They become process factories, robotic and unimaginative. It creates wasteful meetings, rigid management structures, cover-your-ass leadership, and actively disengaged employees.
Gallup estimates that active disengagement costs the US $450 to $550 Billion per year. Such organizations simply suck at real innovation because the overhead of trying to get things done within their system limits, simply kills vision. Executing work simply becomes an execution.
There is a light ahead: Gallup says that organizations with 9 actively engaged employees for each disengaged one, can achieve 147% more Earnings Per Share. Engagement creates real commitment and success.
To replace our limited, mindless, process-factories with agile, committed, innovative workplaces, we need to bring back employee engagement. Let's hack work and find our way back to being human.



Ayelet Baron


Cisco Systems Inc

Ayelet is a futurist, strategist and keynote speaker who helps leaders build 21st century organizations. Her clients include large for profit organizations, start-ups and non-profits. She is a highly creative change agent driving bottom-line results. She speaks and writes regularly on the future of work, generations at work, social business and mindful leadership. Her book on Reinventing Work is currently being written. She is the former chief strategist for Cisco.


Rawn Shah

Chief Strategy Officer & Blogger


I focus on enterprise collaboration, organizational design, and transformation through social on my Forbes blog. After 13 years at IBM on developer content, and enterprise collaboration, I joined as Chief Strategy Officer (+Chris Heuer, +Bill Sanders) at software startup, Alynd. We've built the system that enables the core strata below what makes collaboration tick and to make it happen. My 7th book was "Social Networking for Business" (Wharton School Publishing/Pearson, 2010).

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