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How to Spot a Liar...with Data

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Can you use data to spot a liar? The answer may not be found in what a person says, but rather in how he/she says it. Prepared liars are always conscious about their spoken content and details, but often overlook the words around the edges and their non-verbal communication.
Looking at the latest innovative work and emerging science out of Quantified Impressions labs, I will demonstrate how you can use data and analytics to spot a liar and share science-based language and delivery components to evaluate the degree of trustworthiness of a speaker.
I will run 3 scenarios where I will provide analytics around individuals and show how their presentation patterns can help determine their degree of trustworthiness.
As one of 3 examples, I will show how Lance Armstrong moved his truth language components by 74% from his interview in 2005 with Larry King to his admittance of guilt interview with Oprah in 2013.



Noah Zandan


Quantified Impressions

Noah Zandan (@nzandan) is the CEO and co-founder of Quantified Impressions, a leading enterprise language management firm. Quantified Impressions works with Fortune 500 companies, global law firms, TED, and academic institutions to transform communications effectiveness through data, technology, and science.

Noah has pioneered the use of data and technology to quantitatively assess organizational and professional communication effectiveness. He is recognized as one of the most innovative domain experts in the rapidly growing field of language and people analytics. Noah was nationally broadcast in 2013 discussing the future of personal analytics on NPR All Tech Considered and is a Wall Street Journal expert on work communications. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Fortune and featured for his analytics on the 2012 presidential debates on ABC, the Daily Beast, and the London Telegraph.

Noah formerly specialized in quantitative analysis for Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers in New York City and the private equity firm Brentwood Associations in Los Angeles. He has a MBA in marketing and finance from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and an Economics degree from Dartmouth College.

Noah is also the founder and executive director of the Rockway Foundation, a non-profit supporting innovative educational infrastructure projects in Nicaragua.

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