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How to Beat the Man (without Becoming the Man)

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Washington, DC -- the place where innovation goes to die. The place where The Man walks the halls of Congress in Gucci loafers. It’s easy for disruptors to ignore the political game. Or if they do play the game, play it badly.
Remember SOPA/PIPA? The Internet ignored Congress -- until it had no choice and fought back. Washington’s relationship with the Internet isn’t necessarily getting any better (Exhibit A: NSA surveillance). And it’s not just D.C. In cities across the country, disruptors like Uber and Airbnb fight entrenched industries with politicians in their back pocket.
I’m a disruptor. How do I play the game while staying true to my values? Do I pay a lobbyist or raise an army on social media? A bipartisan duo who have led innovators large and small through some of the most high profile David vs. Goliath battles in tech, Maura Corbett and Patrick Ruffini will lay out a playbook for how you can beat The Man (without becoming The Man).



Maura Corbett


Glen Echo Group LLC

As Founder and CEO, Maura Corbett brings nearly 20 years of communications, media, public affairs, and coalition building experience to the Glen Echo Group. She provides strategic counsel to clients faced with complicated issues affecting the high-tech industry, including Internet competition, wireless technologies, broadband deployment and applications, and content-related policy issues including privacy, security, and copyright. She counsels clients with issues before before various levels of government, including the US Congress, FCC and the U.S. Department of Commerce, and extensively with members of the press. Corbett has deep-rooted experience in industry coalition building for a number of high-tech matters, most recently, Internet radio, SOPA-PIPA, and unlicensed spectrum reform. (www.glenechogroup.com/team)


Patrick Ruffini




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