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How to Design Products for Behavior Change

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ATTENTION: You must signup in advance to attend this workshop. You will need to have a valid SXSW badge, and an activated SXsocial account. To reserve your seat, please go here: https://sup.sxsw.com/schedule/IAP19077

This workshop is about making products that help users take specific, targeted actions. I’ll show you how to apply the recent explosion of research in behavioral economics and psychology to the practical tasks of designing products that help people change daily routines and behavior.

You’ll learn:
1) How the mind decides what to do next, when it's on autopilot, and what that means for your users' behavior in your product.
2) A step-by-step approach to designing and building products that help people change behavior.
3) Techniques for quickly assessing the behavioral bottlenecks in an app, and for improving its effectiveness.

Throughout our 2.5 hour workshop, we'll interweave presentation, discussion, and hands on work (in teams) to apply the concepts to specific product design challenges you’re facing.

The goal of this approach and the workshop is to help users do things they haven’t been able to do before, like exercising more (Nike+ FuelBand), taking control of their finances (HelloWallet), or being more energy efficient (OPower). It’s not about coercion or persuasion; it’s about having the maximum impact with our products on our user’s lives.

- No prior knowledge of behavioral economics or psychology is required. But, the session is meant for practitioners -- people with hands on experience conceptualizing, designing or managing product development. This workshop will provide tools that complement your existing expertise.

What to Bring:
- Please bring pen and paper to work on some quick written exercises.

- Also, please bring a particular behavioral goal you're working on -- what is it that you want to support your users to do? Exercise? Organize their email? Please focus on something more interesting than "buying my product" -- we won't talk about the sales process...



Stephen Wendel

Principal Scientist


Steve is a behavioral social scientist who serves as the Principal Scientist at HelloWallet. He recently authored the book Designing for Behavior Change for O’Reilly Media, which describes how to apply behavioral economics in products that help people change their daily routines and behavior.

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