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Advanced Agile Mobile Design: Android 4.x iOS 7

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ATTENTION: You must signup in advance to attend this workshop. You will need to have a valid SXSW badge, and an activated SXsocial account. To reserve your seat, please go here: https://sup.sxsw.com/schedule/IAP18081

Effective advanced Android and iOS7 design patterns, Agile design principles and practical mobile Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation insights you can use to super-charge your mobile app. We give a complete strategy to "start with questions and walk away with wireframes."

You will learn how to:
* Create and test paper wireframes for the core pages of your app, before writing a line of code.
* Distill the experience down to essentials, and re-invent your interface with mobile-first approach.
* iOS7 differences from iOS6, beyond skin-deep changes.
* Information Architecture differences between iOS7 and Android 4.
* Cutting edge mobile design patterns (Geo-location, Multi-Touch/Motion, Faceted Search, Parallel Architecture, Virtual Assistant, etc.)
* Emerging patterns (Image Recognition, NFC, etc.).
* Create immersive experience using lessons from popular mobile games like Angry Birds.
* Storyboard your mobile interface transitions using inexpensive, practical, effective strategies.
* Learn practical light-weight guerrilla user testing strategies that will save time and money for your entire team.
* Take on any mobile design challenge with confidence.

This session means having your own mobile design expert giving you a feast of immediate tailor-made iPhone and Android design patterns and Agile process solutions and teaching your entire team “to catch fish”. This session demonstrates how to use Rapid Iterative User Testing and Evaluation in an Agile mobile environment, with an intensive, creative process of using hand-sketched sticky notes to get continuous rapid feedback from potential customers.


- This is an advanced session.
- You should ideally be familiar with mobile UX design in iOS6 or iOS7 and/or Android 2.3 or above. Ideally you already have an app in the app/play store and/or mobile website and want to make it better/featured.
- We will cover advanced topics like native mobile/mobile web/responsive strategy, ergonomics, "equal opportunity offender" apps vs. apps that adhere to each OS standards, etc.

What to Bring:
- 3 x 5 sticky notes -- 1 pack
- 3 x 3 sticky notes -- 1 pack
- Pencil with an eraser or fine pen
- iPhone or Android mobile phone and/or tablet.

- Note: 3M Post-It brand sticky notes (or similar) work well. These are available at any Office Supply store or on-line at Staples, Office Depot, Office Max or Amazon.com



Greg Nudelman


Designcaffeine Inc

Greg Nudelman is a Mobile Experience Strategist and CEO of DesignCaffeine, Inc. For over 15 years he has helped his clients eBay, WebEx, Wells Fargo, PayPal, Safeway, Cisco, IBM, Associated Press and Groupon amass millions of satisfied customers.

Internationally acclaimed design workshop leader, Greg authored Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers (Wiley, 2013), Smashing Mobile Book (2012), Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success (Wiley, 2011) and contributed to half-dozen UX design books.

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