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Leezy Soprano


Tacoma seems to be a player in the Northwest music scene but truly the level of talent in competitive terms is a divided line. While some forsake being from the city there are those who pride themselves with strong affiliation. Dated is one of the more describable words people associate when they talk about the cities music which has some truth to it. Luckily enough the emergence of artists like Leezy Soprano have allowed the fine line of what Tacoma is also correlate to the higher standards of today’s listener. Substance is still what music is all about and not to take away from the bang bang shoot em up gangsta rap but those artists looking to progress have to shift focus. No longer the norm fan bases have shifted and Leezy Soprano wants a piece of all of them. “All Due Respect” marks Leezy’s second official solo album which followed Sopranofficial which seems like forever ago. Back then you had a artist who just wanted to go hard and lyrically be better than your average street rapper. Focus on that overshadowed mediocre hooks plus a lack for song making but progression has been made and it can easily be said Leezy has the best buzz in Tacoma. Seems like its been a whirlwind few years with growth in everything from the visuals to the music which peaks curiosity as to what a new real solo will sound like from the artist who has everyone wanting to throw up their Y’s! The album seems to be a split between west coast streetbangers mixed with several lady pleasers with the expected lyrical Leezy. Story telling also finds time throughout but Leezy has a way with words which makes his annunciations crisp reminiscent of someone like NAS. It is a hard split moving forward as this will be a enjoyable follow-up with note-able local support but any artist knows that is not the end goal. Determination between Leezy making good songs versus Leezy making his own songs is what he will need to further his Y-Lyfe brand outside the region. You can grab the digital on I-Tunes with hard copies hitting the streets any time now.

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