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Touring Tips Straight from the Trenches


Getting artists, their team and the venue staff to work together is the most effective way to have a great show. Talk to industry veterans, hear some horror stories and shine light on easy things any artist can do to make their performance a blast for everyone involved.


Damon Lange

Head Chef

Nomad Sound

Elle Mahoney

Production Mgr

Fusebox Festival

Elle Mahoney is currently the production manager for Conspirare and an event stage manager at Texas Performing Arts. Previously, she has stage managed for Blues on the Green, Fusebox, SXSW, Pachanga Festival, & more. We’re told that Mahoney, a graduate of the St. Edwards University theater program, can beat just about anyone in a high-kick contest.


Josh Siebert

Stage Mgr

The Mohawk Place

I am the stage manager at Mohawk Austin.
I am the stage manager at Empire Control Room & Garage.
I am head of production at Austin Psych Fest.
I am the Blue Stage Manager at Fun Fun Fun Fest.


Mike Manewitz

Web Developer


Mike Manewitz is an Austin-based audio engineer and web developer. He thinks 90% of the problems that musicians and event staff run into can be solved with better communication. Mike hold the dubious distinction of being the only person who has done monitors for Hole and Kenny Rogers within 18 hours of each other. Mike is also uncomfortable referring to himself in the third person.

Update: Since my panel was accepted, I've taken a position on the SXSW Development team, so now I get to write code that helps solve exactly the sort of problems I want to talk about in my panel.

Todd Hartman

Audio Dir

The Austin Stone

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