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The 7 Hottest Topics in Web Music Tech in 2014

Music tech companies continue to pop up and provide musicians new ways to connect with fans. These same companies continue to offer ways to discover new music. Business as usual. But the reactions of musicians and labels utilizing these services and dealing with the new music economy is important to discuss. Get to the crux of the issues with a quick-fire session on the seven hottest topics in web, social, and mobile music.


Chris Wiltsee

Dir of Business Dev


Chris Wiltsee is an entrepreneur and music industry executive who has built his career in the nexus where music, technology and community meet. Prior to joining the BandPage team, Wiltsee was Executive Director of The Recording Academy (GRAMMYs) San Francisco Chapter (2009-2011). In 2006, he co-founded AMP, which has developed a national resource for all-ages music venues and communities, and recently released a book titled, "In Every Town," (Sub-Pop/AK Press). In 2003, Wiltsee founded Youth Movement Records (YMR), a youth-run media company based in Oakland, Calif. Additionally, Chris has been instrumental in developing major publishing deals for songwriters, which have resulted in co-writes with prominent artists internationally. Wiltsee earned a Masters degree from the University of Michigan and his undergraduate degree from University of California, Santa Cruz.

Ethan Kaplan

VP Prod

Live Nation

I have been somewhat involved in the music business since I was 16 and decided to make a website for R.E.M.

I used to oversee Emerging Technology for Warner Music Group before I decided to leave in January 2011.

I used to run the Warner Bros. Records technology department.

I now am the VP of Product for LiveNation.com and associated properties, founding a division called LiveNation Labs with the former executive team from BigChampagne.


Paul Resnikoff

Founder & Publisher

Digital Music News

Paul Resnikoff is the founder and publisher of Digital Music News (digitalmusicnews.com), a premier industry source for news, information, and analysis. Digital Music News has quickly grown from its humble roots as a small, executive news service to the most widely read information source in the field. Prior to starting Digital Music News, Paul Resnikoff headed the digital music initiative at internet portal Lycos (since imploded, basically). In that role, Resnikoff managed relationships with several major labels, including the former BMG and Sony Music Entertainment. Resnikoff started out at Epic Records (Sony Music Entertainment) in New York, specifically within international and eventually worldwide marketing.


Todd Tate

Prod & Business Dev Mgr

Avenue Live

Todd has always stayed in tune with the music tech community. Todd is currently focused on Product and Business Development for Avenue Live, an soon-to-be-released mobile music platform programmed by artists, venues, event producers (festivals), music bloggers, and college radio. Todd is also on the advisory board for the 2014 SXSW Accelerator and 2014 SXSW V2V.

Previously Todd was Community Architect for the fabulous SF MusicTech Summit, and COO and co-founder of Angry Coffee, which launched the first publicly-available web-based interface to Napster and Napster-like networks as the Internet emerged as a musical force.

A musician at heart, Todd studied jazz composition and arranging at San Jose State, and as an audio engineer, earned an engineering credit for a Grammy-nominated Latin Jazz recording and at least one double platinum release.

You can hear Todd's musical talent as a rock musician in his projects "Life Love Misery" http://lifelovemisery.com and his acoustic talents as "Sayla Dobro" at http://sayladobro.com !

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